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Steps to a DIY balloon garland

Do you want to create a balloon garland at home? There is no need to get the help of anyone because you will be able to do it on your own. We will share all the steps that you need to follow to get the job done. Use this as a guide and you will be able to end up with creating a balloon garland on your own.

Things you need

Before taking a look at the steps to follow, you will need to understand the things you need. You will need to have twine with you. Moreover, you should get a pair of scissors, some nails and an Eucalyptus garland. Obviously, you will need balloons as well. You will be able to pick the balloons according to the specific preferences that you have.

Steps to follow

When you collect above-mentioned items, you will be able to follow these steps and create the balloon garland.

  • Inflate the balloons

The very first thing you should do is to inflate the balloons. You can blow the balloons and inflate them. If you have a handheld pump, you can use that for inflation as well. Then you will need to cut a piece of twine. It is better if you can place this on top of two distantly placed chairs, so that you can easily hang your balloons.

  • Attach a small piece of twine with each balloon

Now you need to take a small piece of twine and attach that with each and every balloon you have. This can be a small 3-inch twine. You should wrap that around the base of your balloon. You can tie it only for one time and it would be more than enough.

  • Tie the balloons to the long twine

When you inflate enough balloons, you will need to proceed to the next stage, where you connect them to the long twine piece. This is where you should proceed with double knot. Then you will be able to slide them to front.

  • Be creative

When you are connecting the balloons to the twine, you can be creative. For example, you can alternate the sizes and colors of the balloons. There aren’t any hard and fast rules available for you to follow. You just need to have a perfect combination of different colored balloons in different shapes. Moreover, make sure that all the balloons you have are properly balanced and remain full.

  • Hang your garland

Now you are done with creating the garland. Hence, you will be able to go ahead and hang your garland. You can attach some nails to the wall and then hand the long twine on them. After hanging the balloons, make sure that you move them a bit as well. This will help you to create the balanced look and fel with ease.

As you can see, you can easily create a balloon garland by following these steps. Simply follow the steps and get your job done.

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