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Balloon Party Box balloons decorating a Rice Feeding Ceremony

The Rice feeding ceremony is a unique celebration attached to the Hindu culture. This is the very first time where parents are introducing solid food to a baby. We could help a Nepalese family to decorate the Rice Feeding Ceremony of their 6-month old baby girl.

It was the very first time that we were invited to assist with decorating a rice feeding ceremony. Our team was ready to accept the challenge and we went ahead. Since the event was something new to us, we had a chat with the parents and figured out what this celebration was all about. Then we were able to get their inputs for celebrations.

The parents wanted to use red, white, and gold as the theme for the rice feeding ceremony. We could provide all our support to the parents by providing them with colorful balloons. In fact, we were able to create a perfect backdrop for the rice feeding ceremony by just using the balloons that we offer.

The event was well-organized, and we were glad that we could be a part of it. The parents made the little baby girl match perfectly well to the theme as well by dressing her up with ha red velvet outfit.

Our team at Balloon Party Box is looking forward to helping families of all races and religions to celebrate the special moments in their lives with the help of our party boxes as well as balloons. We got the right solutions for all of them.

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