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Wedding Table Arrangement

DIY Package

DIY Packages, Including Arches for Balloon Garlands

    Create your dream event with our DIY packages designed to help you create stunning balloon garlands effortlessly. From balloon arch stand kits, and DIY Balloon garlands, to birthday balloon sets, we stock it all! Whether you're planning a themed children’s birthday celebration, a baby shower, or any other special occasion, our DIY packages provide everything you need to craft beautiful balloon arrangements that will impress your guests.

    Our List Of Works

    Balloon Party Box is a professional decorations company based in Tauranga, New Zealand. It has been helping to light up celebrations for over 6 years with unbelievable designs at affordable prices. Our services include birthday parties, weddings as well as corporate events, while our website range includes all of our products with different colours, sizes, and themes that will cover all party needs!

    With our team of dedicated balloon artists coming together to perform perfection, Balloon Party Box strives to not only source the most luxurious balloon collections for our clients but also to revolutionise the balloon and party market, completely.

    arch for balloon garland
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