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This product is produced by our professional manufacturer. We offer various creative and environmentally friendly products. We commit ourselves to providing the best products and service to our customers.


★Package Content
• 5pcs 15inches Silver 4D Metallic Balloon
• 1pc 18inches Blue Latex Balloon
• 10pcs 10inches Metallic Silver Latex Balloon
• 60pcs 10inches Blue Latex Balloon
•10pcs 10inches White Latex Balloon
• 5pcs 10inches Silver 4D Metallic Balloon
• 60pcs 5 inches Blue Latex Balloon
• 30pcs 5inches White Latex Balloon
• 10pcs 12inches White Latex Balloon

★Free Accessories
•1pc Glue dot
•1pc Balloon hand pump
•1pc Ribbon
•5m Balloon garland strip

Ocean Themed Birthday Party Balloon Box Set - A

SKU: ZM210627003
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