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This product is producted by our professional manuacturer. We offer various creative and environmentally friendly products. We commit ourselves to providing the best products and service to our customers.

★Package Content
•4 pcs Pink Sequined White Balloons
•1 pcs Pink Heart Balloons
•2 pcs 35x30cm Super Flying Man Holding Stick Balloons

•2 pcs 30x30cm Super Flying Woman Holding Stick Balloos
•1 pcs 83x80cm Super Flying Man Balloon
•1 pcs 81x65cm Super Flying Woman Balloon
•1pcs Three Layers HBD Cake Balloon
•1pc HBD Pink Letter Balloons Set

★Free Accessories
•1pc Glue Got
•1pc Balloon Hand Pump

Super Flying Woman Themed Happy Birthday Party Balloon Box - Pink

SKU: BP881823
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